Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bitcoin from 63$ to 120$

Bitcoin is finally in a mid-term up trend from 17th Apr 2013 and it is now trending at about 120$ forming a high at about 136$ @ Friday 19 Apr 2013.

I always feel good when a Friday uptrend happens in a stock or maybe a currency. That mostly means that people trust their money on that stock or on that currency during the Weekend and are not worried for a Black Monday.

I estimate that during the weekend BTC/USD will continue this steady 120$ behaviour until maybe Monday morning that it will continue its uptrend. 

MtGox USD, H1,

I found this Video, that is mostly sound, on Financial War Reports and I think it is good to post it here just for you to listen while you trade. I think it is really interesting and good to know.

Have a nice weekend :)

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